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I was not sure where to send this card, I hope it reaches you.
I just wanted to thank you for your kind generous help I received last week.  It was the first time I had to do this.  I was treated with such kindness and respect, I wanted to cry.  Thank you.

Thank you very much for helping us with our utilities and food over the last few months.  If it were not for the COA, we would have been on the street.

Last year you helped me pay my rent so my kids and I wouldn't be put on the street.  Here's my chance to help others (brought bags of used clothes to share). Can you please give these clothes to someone that needs them?  Thank you...

Dear Covington Outreach Program,
We would like to thank you for your help at Christmas.  Thanks
to your help our children had a nice Christmas and we were grateful for the
groceries and pantry items.  Like others I'm sure, we never thought we would
 need help from others.  Due to several circumstances we were in that situation.   I would like to mention that while it was hard to ask for help, your staff was very nice and respectful and put me at ease.
Once again, thank you!  "so much"

Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas you have helped my family
to have this year.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for the Christmas presents.  I loved them.  I love either wearing
 them or playing with them. So thank you for the Christmas presents. 

We wish to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts and God bless. 
Our Christmas was beautiful, wonderful, full of joy and blessings and happiness...

Thank you for the loving kindness, compassion, consideration and love that went into all you did for the two of us to bless our  holiday.  All of you are a God send,  and we are really enjoying everything.  It was the best Christmas...

I would like to let you all know how much of a blessing it was for me and my
children... all that you did for us.  We would have not had Christmas if you
and yours would not have listened to God our Father to bless us. 
You all did not 
have to do what you did but you did.  This is where
Christ said, "I asked for 
water and you gave it to me."  We are
the least, yet you all make sure with your
time, with your riches to bless the least of us.  God saw it and we
prayed that day, 
all of us, that God would touch each of you. Once again,
Thank you all so much...

Dear Folks,
Thanks for all the food (ham, yum!), the gifts for me, the clothes and toys for
 my children.  We had a very Merry Christmas.  Thanks for making it nicer for us. I made it through Christmas and my bills paid. - Thanks to you.

We received a Christmas card this year that was very special to us.  It said
 "Merry Christmas" from Covington Elementary School and Emily."  Of all the
cards we received, this one touched our heart.

Thank you for painting my deck.  I appreciated it so very much, and to the
two young men that did it.  Thank you again. 

We would like to say "thank you" to the group who came on May 5th and
cleaned our flower beds, raked the grass and leaves and burned all the brush. 
We really appreciate all your help.  Thanks again!  In Jesus name...........

I would like to thank the person who helped me to pay the children's school fees.  When school starts it's always the hardest on me with everything we have to buy to get them started.  Thank you again for your help.

We would like to say thank you to all that helped pay the children's fees for
 this school year. It means so much to us to know that folks like you let God use you to do his work. At times, being a single disabled father seems too much to take and then Gods shows me the kindness and love he has for me and my children  through folks like you. Then it makes it all easier for me. Thank you all and may  God bless each one of you for all you do for us that are less fortunate.

Thank you very much for my book bag and school supplies.  Also thank you
 for paying my school fees.  I know my parents also appreciated this nice stuff.
 I love the second grade.  My teacher is Mrs. Crotcher, she is nice.  I have to
read now.  Good bye, Love...

I am in the first grade.  My teach is Mrs. Bunn.  I like school.  I want to thank
everybody very much for my school supply book bag and paying my fees. 
This makes me very happy.  Thanks...

Thank you very much for paying my school funds and school supplies, also my
book bag.  I know this will help me do better in school.  I am ten years old and
I am in the fifth grade.  Sincerely...

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